Workbench – Pre-Production Presentation

The first milestone of this assignment is to present a pitch for our chosen specialisation explaining basically what it is we’re making. So please enjoy 4 pages of that! In it I succinctly sum up the goals of this project (both in terms of future developments and the end-product of the four week assignment), my progress so far, why I’m so sure I can achieve this, and I even give a preview of what some of the code will probably look like for building a rig!

This was actually a really beneficial process for me. Up until now I had only thought of the end product in big picture terms, but writing the example code actually gave me a really clear insight of how the modules should be set up. Little things like duplicating whole modules, and having the duplications copy space switching and finger poses are things I hadn’t considered until I realised how incredibly useful it’d be to the end-user.

Other than setting up this presentation I spent a good chunk of the day churning through some pre-production stuff for our group assignment which is right after this one. I also got a bit more work done on the templates.


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