Assignment – Still Life (part 6)

So today we were supposed to have all of our models basically finished, and our lights set up. Which I have now, but I didn’t by the time class ended so I have some marks to make up. Good times!
One good thing about doing this with objects I actually have is that I can take measurements or look at details from different angles whenever I need to, which has been a huge help.

The card deck is pretty simple – it’s a bevelled, lengthened cube pretty much. I might warp some of the edges slightly later on, but it’ll be easier to texture pre-warping so I’ll leave that to later. I did add two tiny planes on it, for the rip on the top left and the frayed edge on the bottom right.


The notepad is also really basic. Started off with a cube, popped some holes in it, duplicated the top face a few times and warped it, then added some toruses and rotated those around a bit. Top it all off with a lattice deformer and voila!


Might need to make it a little thinner, but we’ll see.
Next up is the harddrive. I spent longer than I should have on this (and still haven’t quite finished it) getting the SATA in there, which you can’t see in the photo. Still, it’ll be a nice piece to show off for a couple of seconds in a showreel when it’s done. A lot of the detail on this will be done with normal maps ultimately, but I want to model in the holes and the corner notches.


Finally, the gameboy. I’ve separated this out to its back and front components, so that I can focus mostly on the front (since that’s what’s visible) and then later on I can come back and finish up the back for my showreel.
Some of the detail work like the edging will be done as displacements, other bits will be normal maps. As far as actual modelling goes, I’m pretty much done. Well, sorta. I used booleans for a lot of it so I need to go back through and retopologise it, and then smooth it so that things like the buttons are nice and round. That shouldn’t take too long though.


So, how do my layout and lighting compare with the original, after all of that?
Well, there are a few issues with the layout – most noticably, there are some triangles of negative space above the notepad and card deck that don’t appear in my CG replica. The notepad is also flatter in the photo, and the gameboy rotation is slightly off. So there’s a little tweaking to do there.
As for the lighting…. well, that’s harder to tell. I think the colour is about right, but it’ll be impossible to say for sure until I get some shaders in there. Same thing with the placement – the shadows look about right, but without the reflections from the GB screen I can’t say for sure. Still, it’s a good approximation and it’s rewarding to see this starting to come together.greyRenderComparison.png

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