Assignment – Still Life (part 5)

The composition that I showed in part 5 was a good start, but it was pretty stiff and didn’t really have any leading lines or a “hero” object to really take over the scene. When I got into the green room, I tried out that comp with some basic lights set up and also tried something a little more dynamic.

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The more dynamic look was working a lot better – the Gameboy took on the role of the hero, and the pad and harddrive kinda point at it. But the card deck placement was kinda random, and it was pointed out to me that if you blur the whole image, you basically get a grey mud – there wasn’t enough contrast! Swapping out the background and using a more interesting lighting setup helped to alleviate that. Finally the notepad was pretty boring.

So I went back in and took some more photos!

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Much better! Lots of contrast, nicer highlights , the notepad isn’t as dull now that I’ve got some of my trig homework and other notes on it, the card deck placement is better in the last few images…. finally, ready to be approved. Which it was! Below is the photo I finally decided to go with.


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