Assignment – Still Life (part 4)

So we gave our presentations on Friday. The feedback in a polite nutshell was: the panoramic composition was a hinderance, the lighting wasn’t working, and our compositions looked like “just stuff”. So basically nothing we had was working out and we needed to start over from square one. I guess that’s probably a fairly realistic representation of what working with a client can be like? Anyway, back to the drawing board.

When we were allowed to go off and start brainstorming, we started spouting off any old themes we could think of, and realised that technically there was a theme that encompassed a lot of our themes: contrast in themes (i.e. having two themes that are in direct contrast or opposition to one another – e.g. black vs white, old vs new, traditional vs modern, etc).

We wrote up a whole whiteboard of contrasting themes, and each picked one to work with.
17807559_10154230133341432_1731277896270376033_o.jpgAfter playing around with a few different ideas, I decided to go with Physical vs Digital, since that automatically lends itself to a bunch of different item groupings (book vs tablet, board game vs video game, etc).

Ultimately I’ve decided on using the following items:
Gameboy (digital game)
Card deck (physical game)
Notepad (physical information storage)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have taken a few test photos to see what kind of angle I might want. I am liking the staging I have here, with the digital items being kinda stiff and upright, and the physical stuff being a little more organically placed. Not sure what I’ll do with lighting yet but we’ll see. I kind of want something that represents the two contrasting themes, but one of the main critiques that was given to all groups who were being creative with lighting on Friday was that the lighting setups didn’t look like any real place, so maybe a boring lighting setup will please the tutors more?

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