Assignment – Still Life (part 3)

Lighting! Lighting lighting lighting. It’s something that I understand technically, but not so much artistically.
Today we spent most of our time finalising our composition – for the most part it looks like it did yesterday, but there were some changes made.

When we finally got into the green room to try out lights, we had about half an hour until the room was booked to be used by another group, so we were a bit rushed. As a result, the below image is more indicative of the light levels than it is of the colors, but I’ll talk ya through it.

lighting Panorama.jpg

Okay, so. We have one light on the far right with an orange tint to it, another on the left with a blue tint, and a third light basically where the camera is that’s just white. The setup is something like this:

lighting setup.png

Light1 (the white light) is basically just there to fill in the scene and make sure the colours aren’t overbearing – although we do want them to come through a little more than in the above image. It also helps blend the colours together as they get towards the center.

Light 2 (the orange light) indicates the general reception with which artistic ability is met generally (as the objects on that side are more artistic in nature). It suggests creativity, and an easy going nature.

Light 3 (blue light) indicates that technical ability is often regarded as going hand-in-hand with an analytical, more aloof mind.
The two colours blend together towards the center where the aristic and technical meet and blend and merge together.

I wish we had more experience with setting up lighting (and using a camera) for this sort of thing, as I think having a higher contrast in lighting levels would be beneficial. But we’ll make due. The main purpose of the assignment is to recreate a real scene afterall – having that scene look good in the first place would be great, but it’s not necessarily a fail/pass state.

Tomorrow we’re presenting our proposed images and (if we’re approved) taking the official photos. Fingers crossed.

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