Texturing project: Urinal

In class lately we’ve had some quick one-week refresher/crash courses in various CG pipeline departments.
One of them was texturing, and we got to really have a proper play around with Substance Painter.

We were given the below urinal asset, and were tasked with making it look believably/realistically disgusting. Fun, right?

So, the model was a bit bland, and after looking at some references I decided that I’d have to add some geometry before I started texturing. I made a quick plan in photoshop just to give myself a rough indicator of what the main visual elements would be.


The modelling was all very simple – essentially a cyllinder with some extrusions for the pipe, and some cut up planes and a squashed cyllinder for the sign. You’ll see below that the sign model is actually really crap – the emphasis here was on texturing, afterall, so I didn’t want to spend more than a few minutes getting the models in there. It’s sufficiently representative of the actual object.
Anyway, with that plan in mind I set off to texturing. I really enjoyed the technical approach that substance painter allows. I’m not a particularly artistic person – at least not in the traditional sense – so it was great to be able to concentrate on what look I was going for and not worry about brush strokes and what-not. Playing around with different masks and mixing materials, etc, was a very enjoyable experience.

In the end I’m pretty happy with the results I got. All-in-all this took 3 days total, and for my first real go at substance I think I did fairly well.


Obviously there are lots of things wrong with it and a lot I could do to improve it. I may revisit it at a later date, but for now I’m happy to call it “good enough” and move on.

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