Assignment – Still Life (part 1)

We’ve been given our first assignment for the year – take a still life photo, then replicate it in 3D. This is a sort-of group assignment, so I’ll be linking to the blogs of my team mates at the bottom of this post.

The brief can be summarised like this:
A magazine or online publication has approached a group consisting of myself and 4 other students, and are interested in showcasing us. They want us to come up with some unifying theme, through which our final rendered images can be identified as being part of the group. A ‘group aesthetic’, if you will. We have a week to come up with a fully fleshed out idea of what we plan to do with a finalised lighting and staging plan, including test photos.
The image should represent who we are as artists, or include items that are important to us.

At first we thought having a unifying object that we each own appear in each photo could be interesting – for example a coffee mug or cellphone (open to the same app) which would appear in the same area of each photo. After further discussion however, we realised that we would likely have many similar items anyway, and that those should be a nice incidental similarity rather than a focused unifying factor.
We decided that it would be interesting (and quite unique) if our otherwise separate images could line up to form a panoramic image. Separately you would recognise that they have a similar mood due to having the same backdrop and lighting setup, but only when you put them together would you realise that you’re not actually looking at separate images – they are all part of a greater whole.

This is an interesting concept not only visually, but also thematically/symbolically. In a studio, everyone is making individual works of art, which are independently interesting – but together each piece is magnified through its purpose as a part of the whole production.

Exactly how the images will come together is something we are still working on – so far we are considering making a flat panoramic image, a 360 panoramic that could be viewed with VR, or a video that sweeps through the scene, pausing to focus on each student’s contribution. We’ll be bringing in our individual items tomorrow to start working on composition and lighting.

Speaking of items, I had already decided more-or-less on what I wanted to include before I knew this would be a group ideal, and I hope that they’ll be able to fit into the general aesthetic of the scene we’ll be producing. I took a few test photos of the main ones, as below.


If you’ve read other posts on this blog, you may recognise that as my Raspberry Pi x Xbox360 project! If not…. well, you might still have figured that out. In the list below, asterisked items appear in the above photo. This list represents items I’m considering including, and will be bringing tomorrow so we can start testing out different composition setups.

*Xbox 360 outer plastic shell
*Xbox360 inner aluminium shell
Xbox 360 faceplate
Xbox 360 HDD (opened and not-opened)
Xbox 360 controllers (Halo 3 and ODST special editions)
Xbox 360 power brick
*Raspberry pi and Xbox360 guts
*Soldering iron and solder
*wire cutters
Wire strippers
Magnifying glass / helping hand
*Coffee mug
Sonic Screwdriver
Anatomy book
Graphics tablet
Skates / skating gear (may not bring tomorrow depending on bag space)
A neat hat (may not bring tomorrow depending on bag space)
A beaten up card deck
A maglight
Travel sewing kit
Hot glue gun
Book stand
Portuguese dictionary(s)
Hunger Games pin
Portal-themed wallet

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