Upcoming projects: Face Control tool and RaspberryBox 2PIr

So during my facial rigging research for the Roller Derby Rig I found this gem by Paul Neale. It’s an absolutely fantastic reference for the basics of facial rigging, and what’s more he goes step by step through the process of developing a basic tool for quickly slapping in controls!
Unfortunately it’s all in max script.

So I re-wrote it in python using maya cmds and the API! I also added a bunch of extra functionality and a nice little UI. It’s not quite ready for release though (found a few issues with the way I’m handling mirroring which I need to fix) so I’ll make a longer post about that when it’s ready.

I’ve also bought a raspberry pi! My old xbox 360 (halo 3 special edition) died a couple of years ago and I’ve kept it around because it would be a shame to just dump it. I’ve always wanted to turn it into a media pc. I just recently found out about the raspberry pi and I reckon it’d be an excellent cheap way to finally do this. Hopefully you now understand the math joke in the title?
Plus it means I get some linux experience! And I’ll be using as much of the original 360 bits as possible (including the RF module for connecting controllers and the IR receiver) so I get to do a little python scripting to get it all working nicely. 🙂

Again, I’ll post more about that as I work on it. So far I’ve just been working on getting all the bits and pieces together.

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