Roller Derby Rig – Progress at 18/12/2016

So first thing’s first, as soon as my teacher saw my topology he spotted some vertices with 6 edges connecting them (henceforth referred to as 6-pointers) which tend to cause some weird issues with textures and deformation. There turned out to be 3 in the ears, 1 behind the shoulder (that one was a big concern) and 3 in the hands. Also he wanted to see a side-view so here goes!

I also started working on some eyelashes. I tried two different techniques (one was to convert the eyelid edges to curves, duplicate the curves out, loft across, then convert the isoparms to curves and extrude a circle along ’em. The other was just extruding from a long cube and then using a bend deformer to get it into shape).
Honestly I’m not super happy with the results of either method, but keeping the law of diminishing returns in mind I’ve just kept the results I have for now. I’m hoping I’ll have time to go back and fix them later, but I still have so much to do.

I bashed out the eye textures quickly as well. I grabbed a high-detailed iris image from google and used a Saturation/Hue adjustment to change the color to Red, Green and Blue, then made a black and a white version as well by desaturating and changing the brightness/contrast and some other minor tweaks. I also found a decent eyeball and reshaped it to fit the new iris and the UVs. Below you can see the results.

So here’s the thing with that though. With mentalray I had a really simple setup that lets me blend the colors in Maya, so I can get whatever eye color I want on the fly. But now I’m using renderman.
I found the equivalent nodes that I need in renderman (PxrTexture nodes plugged into PxrLayeredBlend node. Eyeball white as background RGB. Plugged into PxrDisney mat with default settings) but it looks like renderman’s layeredBlend node multiplies differently  to maya’s layeredTexture node! So instead of 0.5RED + 0.5BLUE = 1.0PURPLE, it ends up giving me a really washed out result. The purple below was made using linear burn, but somehow after saving and reloading the scene, those same settings give me essentially a black. Not sure what I’ll do about that.
Even if I can get the linear burn to work again, it doesn’t give a neutral grey when all three colors are combined, like the layeredTexture node did; it gives the weird yellow below.

Also I have tidied up the pupil and whitened up the whites a little more but it didn’t seem worth retaking the screenshots.

I’ve also unwrapped everything and have a preliminary skin texture, but I haven’t had the chance to really test it out yet. This is what it looks like pre-subsurface. I’ll probably have to up the opacity on the details for them to show through, but I’ll see what the SSS does to it first.

Next steps are to check out what tweaks the body texture needs (because surely it needs them), texture the clothes, make specular and (maybe) normal maps, figure out why the iris colors aren’t blending nicely, and sort out the hair.
Speaking of hair, I do now have a temporary license for Shave and a Haircut, but it keeps crashing Maya. Yay.

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