Roller Derby Rig -Progress at 11/12/2016

I’ve been working on this again this last week, after it got approved for my IP at school. Yay!

I took the sculpt I’d already made and retopologised it, making some small tweaks as I went (namely shortening the head, reducing the gap between the mouth and the nose, reducing the gap between the eyes, resizing and reproportioning the fingers so that they’re physically accurate, reducing the breast size, reconstructing the eyelids and mouth from scratch, fixing the elbow to be more physically accurate). I also made eyeballs and mouth innards from scratch.
You’ll notice in the images below that the tongue is actually attached to the mouth box – I haven’t seen this done before, and it might make painting good skin weights a little difficult, but I think it’ll allow me to get a really good realistic looking tongue connection for if the tongue is raised.

I’m pretty happy with my topology (especially the hands) – considering this is my third ever full body character, and only my second retopologising from a sculpt, I think she looks fantastic. I’m cutting a couple of corners (e.g. I’m not making real feet – just foot proximilies that I’ll put socks on) in the interest of time, which have allowed me to get back on schedule after a bumpy first few days.

But wait, that’s not all! I’ve also drafted out some clothes in Marvelous Designer!

I got real clothing patterns for the sports bra, tshirt, and pants, but the socks were just guess work based on the socks I was wearing at the time. There are a couple of bits here and there that need a little tweaking, but I’m gonna export them out into maya and see if it’s easier to tweak ’em there.

For my first ever look into Marvelous Designer I think this is pretty good. Hopefully the texturing goes as smoothly as the modelling has so far.

And lastly this week I got started on hair. I haven’t so much as looked at Maya Hair before except abstractly in its uses in rigging, so this has been a really interesting experiment. I looked at Shave and a Haircut as well as GMH2 and ultimately decided to try out the latter. I’m not super happy with the results however and might go back and try SnH after all.
I used a script called Hair Grabber to make the hair cards from which the hair system was generated.

The problem I’ve found with GMH2 is that (by design) the hair is aligned to your hair cards, which leaves gaps all over the head which need to be hidden by clever card placement. Granted that’s a standard thing to deal with if you’re used to making hair cards anyway, but I feel like if I’m gonna be dealing with a real hair system, I shouldn’t have that to contend with.

I’m gonna pump out the eyelashes with tiny geo cones and then (time permitting) try out Shave and a Haircut on the eyebrows to see how I like it. If I like it enough and it’s quick enough to deal with, I’ll see about slapping out a hair style with it. I am about a day ahead at this stage anyway, so I can afford to experiment a little, and I feel that the hair is an important aspect to get right. And right now I do not have it right.

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