Roller Derby Rig – change of plans

So the Roller Derby rig I’ve mentioned before is now going to be my end of year project. As such, some things have to change.

Since I have a very specific timeframe for this project now, I’ve had to make some adjustments to what I’ll achieve – for now. The current plan is that the rig (as far as submitting for this assignment is concerned) won’t have skates or protective gear. I will be adding those later though (either to this rig or to a future one. Yet to be decided).

My approved pitch for the assignment is here.

I didn’t want to shove in my entire planned process on there since it’s pretty long, but since I need to upload it for marking purposes, here goes:

Take current sculpt and modify it in mudbox as needed to match the desired visual style.
Do a retopology study in photoshop for the face, and if necessary for other body parts such as hands/feet.
Retopologise with quad-draw in Maya, using the study as a guide.
Re-sculpt over the retopologised model in mudbox for fine detail.
Model the clothing in Marvelous Designer.
Retopologise the flat-version models with quad-draw in Maya.
Use transfer attributes to get the UVs onto the retopologised models.
Use transfer attributes to move the retopologised models in place of the hi-poly form models.
Keep hi-poly of most clothing for dynamic sims.
BONUS: Skates, pads, helmet:
In the greenscreen room (so I can have flat-ish lighting), take photos of skates.
Use photoscan to create a high-def model.
In mudbox, fix up the details of the high-def model.
Retopologise with quad-draw in maya.
For pads/helmet, add on straps at this stage.
Use concept art and additional references to block out hair style using planes.
    (use hair grabber plugin to assist with this process)
Apply GMH2 hair to planes for dynamic/hi res render version.
Bake out .tga files using GMH2 for proxy/pre-render version.
Convert GMH2 hair to curves, and use them to comb out a Shave and a Haircut hairstyle for (probably) better dynamics.
Note that hair includes eyelashes and probably eyebrows.

Use BONUS tools Auto Unwrap UVs tool.
UVs automatically generated in Marvelous Designer.
BONUS: Skates and pads:
Use BONUS tools Auto Unwrap UVs tool.
Automatically generated on plane construction

Bake out normal maps for body, skates, and pads from mudbox.
BONUS: Separate out diffuse RGB channels to be blended back in maya with radial colour picker ctrls
       Separate the parts out into separate files (so RGB helmet vs straps vs lining, pads hard vs soft, etc).
Import model and normal map into mari and paint in textures from there.
Follow Gnomon Workshop Painting Realistic Skin Texture Using Mari videos to create texture maps in Mari.
    Adjust as appropriate for desired visual style (can smooth out ref before projecting on, as well as paint on some dets rather than project if more stylised)
Smack out a quick base material using Substance Painter
Add in extra details in Mari
Make armband/shirt numbering in photoshop
BONUS: Make a league logo in photoshop. Rig will have an attr to up its opacity in layered tex node.
BONUS: Skates, pads, helmet:
Bake down textures from photo information
Clean up textures in photoshop
Add in wear/etc in Substance
Possibly add in some other details in Mari
Generated from GMH2 and/or Shave and a Haircut plugin as discussed in modelling.

Rigging (in maya):
Proxy geo (duplicated faces of actual model with proxy lambert materials)
Model smoothing (under skin layer) attached to geo smooth attr on world ctrl
IK/FK mixed stretchy ribbon spine for modularity.
IK/FK switching ribbon legs/arms for modularity and ease of bending. [ALSO CHECK JUSTINS SYSTEM] (BONUS: with script for IK/FK matching)
Bendy/stretchy arms/legs. (bendy uses spline-style setup on bind bones with ctrls.
               Ctrls can be used as offset for attr (blended with IKFK switch) or as primary bend.
               Ctrls have attr that indicates if current (IK or FK) attr has value)
Space switching in shoulders, head, IK hands. (BONUS: with script for space matching)
Dynamic texturing for armband/shirt number
    0-9 images in layered tex node
    script node dups appropriate number tex
    alters UV space of place2dtex node appropriately.
Lockable knees/elbows
2 MASTER controls under world control for optional additional pivot points and/or moving character along a motion path
Skinning:Skin with single joint influence linear weights.
    Apply deltamush deformer.
    Convert deltamush deformer to skin weights using [WHAT WAS THAT PLUGIN???]
    Fix any erroneous skinning with NGSkinTools
Set up entire rig under a skateTranslationOffset group.
    Have an attr for skates on/off. On pushes offset group up and turns on skates.
    Swaps visibility on IK foot ctrl shapes so that ctrl tY is always at ground 0.
Have an attr for auto wheel spin (rotate = translate x 360 / (diameter x pi) ) as well as manual rotation
No-flip shoulder
Breathing control (or attrs on chest)
    Two modes: gut or chest (blendable)
    Gut is blendshape driven
    chest is blendshape on chest + driven keys on clav ctrls
    Attrs for speed and intensity
Hands have multiple base poses (fist, splay, relax, hold, possibly more)
Muscle deformation driven by sculpt deformer or added skin influence (probably the latter, possibly a mix of the two) OR Fstretch plugin!!
    NOTE: If Fstretch, I may have to do that part at home, and I’ll have to cache the deformation for rendering.
If I have time to get a full clothing sim out then I’ll definitely do that.
    Otherwise, I’ll set up a super low-poly cloth sim with high-poly wrapped to it.
    Undergarments, if visible under overgarments, will just be wrapped to the skin.
Proxy clothes will be wrapped to the skin, then [WHAT WAS THAT PLUGIN???] will be used to convert it to skin weights.
BONUS: Jiggle deformer or maya muscle jiggle effects on muscly/fatty areas
    PROBABLY: Primarily joint based facial rig with blendshapes for corrections. Skin with NGSkinTools
    BACKUP: Primarily blendshape based facial rig
BONUS: Controls to reshape hair style to some degree. Will depend on method of hair creation.
BONUS: Color radial picker ctrls for all textures (skin would have something different).

BONUS: Animating/Camera:
Get a skater from RCRD to act out some stuff with the Perception mocap stuff.
    Idle animation. BONUS: animations required for game (skating fast, relaxed, turning, breaking, etc)
Use <that tool to retarget mocap data onto rig, cleaning it up as I go.
BONUS: Dynamic clothing from Marvelous Designer.
Camera for idle animation will probably just be a simple 360 view, but I will watch some model show-off videos closer to the time.

I’ll be rendering with Renderman (hopefully on the farm), so lighting will be with renderman’s lights.
I may look at setting up an IBL which is similar to lighting you’d expect in an indoor sports place.
    Reflection? (lighting dependent)
    Irradiance (indirect)
    Others as required.

Composite in Nuke

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