Roller Derby Rig -Progress at 20/10/2016

I commissioned my friend Tamaki Ishikura to make a simple orthographic to start me off on this project. Since this is both the basis for a morphing rig and a test for muscle deformation, I asked that he keep the muscles visible to give me a quick reference for sculpting.

I blasted out a quick base mesh in Maya as a basis for sculpting, using the proportions from the orthographic.

And from there I started sculpting in mudbox. The right hand is sorta droopy because I forgot to slap on mirror when I was reposing it. In hindsight it would have been easier to sculpt in the original pose, but that’s something I can learn for next time.
Anyway, most of the muscles are fairly clearly visible in the sculpt so that I can easily add them in as geo. I figure it’s easier to morph from a muscly geo to a non-muscly one than the other way around. They might not be super nice-looking, but I doubt I’ll use this sculpt to bake normals, and if I do I’ll be resculpting a lot of them to look more natural.derbySculptOrtho.jpg

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