Fat Man Rig – Proposed Solutions

I mentioned in the Project Overview for the Fat Man Rig that I have some ideas how to solve some of the problems I’m gonna face.

Jiggle – Fat jiggles. Lots of fat jiggles a lot. I’ve done a little bit of looking around, and the solutions I’ve found for this so far are:

nCloth as a skin influence – This would take some time to set up nicely, since nCloth is super fiddly, but it has the potential to give really nice deformation. One major issue with it would be getting it to scale nicely. I’ll have to do a lot of research into this one.

Jiggle deformer – Honestly I don’t think this will be robust enough. Surely the answer can’t be that simple. Gotta check it out though, just in case.

Maya muscle – I haven’t tried playing around with this but apparently it gives relatively fast, good looking jiggle. If it’s good enough I might include it in my muscle deformation for the Roller Derby Rig too.

Fat Folds – I mentioned fStretch in the Overview, but I want to avoid using 3rd Part Plugins for now. That said, I would still love a tension-based method for getting fat folds since it’d be way easier to set up (and probably give nicer results) than rotation based blendshape activation. I’ll do some research into ways other people have solved this issue.
I know that the UV editor can see when UVs are stretched and compressed, so I wonder if there’s a node-based or pythonic way to get at that info?

I’ll keep doing more research into this as it comes closer to the time to rig it. I’m gonna try get the bulk of the work on the Roller Derby Rig done first, as well as a rig I’ll be doing for a classmate. I’ll post about that when I get to it.

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