Roller Derby Rig – Project Overview

Purpose of this project:

The purpose of this project is to create a highly versatile, animator friendly rig that tests and extends my rigging skills beyond their current limits.
I especially want to learn how to get (as close as I can to) realistic muscular deformation and build a robust facial rigging workflow.
I’ll be modelling and texturing this rig myself, so it will also serve as good practice in those areas.

Ultimately this rig will serve as the basis for a fully morphing rig (not dissimilar from Morpheus, albeit with a higher quality model), with which an entire team of unique characters with no additional modelling.

Problems to resolve:

Deformation – I’m still looking into different methods for muscular deformation and getting good facial deformation. A post will follow with the tests I’ve been doing and some of the research I’ve done so far.

Arm band/helmet/shirt names and numbers – As this will be the basis of a morphing rig, I’ll need to find a way to have different names and numbers for different skaters without having to build new textures for each character. I have some theories on this which I’ll post later.

Reference – I’ll need to build a library of reference footage/images not only for common movements/motions but also roller derby specific motions, to ensure that my rig can move the way an animator would expect.

Hair – I’ll have to decide how I want to deal with hair as I plan to ultimately have the helmet removable. I’d like to find a reliable solution that looks fairly realistic other than cards/geo hair. I’ll likely have geo hair to start off with though, both to give the animator a quick preview and as a stand-in until I can find a solution that won’t break like x-gen reportedly does.

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