Fat Man Rig – Project Overview

Purpose of this project:

The purpose of this project is to find a robust method for good fat deformation and build an efficient workflow for replicating that deformation in future rigs.

Ultimately this workflow will be used for any fat-heavy variants of the Roller Derby Rig.

Problems to resolve:

Multipliable by channel box values – As this will be used in variants of the Roller Derby Rig, it needs to ultimately be multipliable, depending on how fat-heavy the individual variants are.

Jiggle – I’ll need to decide which of the available methods for getting jiggle effects will be best for this workflow. I’ll make a post discussing this further later.

Fat folds – I’ll need to find a reliable method of building fat folds that can be easily applied to any rig. I’ll also need to find a method of activating the folds the the character bends over etc. A tension-based solver such as fStretch could be beneficial for this.

Collision – Whatever jiggle solution I settle on will need to include a self-collision system so that folds of fat don’t clip through the body.

Manual fat manipulation – Because this workflow will be used in the Roller Derby Rig, I have to build in a system where-by an animator can control any larger fat regions directly. This is for two reasons: a) because as a very active character, tweaking of the simulation may be necessary and b) because it may ultimately be easier than having collisions between characters (and the ground for that matter) simulated.

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